Around The World
Women United


Women United Around the World ("WUAW") is a non-profit organization that helps female immigrants acclimate into a new environment.  WUAW promotes skills training and leadership development programs.  We are actively working on reaching out to women globally to provide them with the necessary support and education.

WUAW currently offers professional, industrial sewing trade skills workshops.  In the nearest future, we would like to expand our range of services to include: 
  • Mentoring women;
  • Helping to acclimate female immigrants new to Maine through a welcome packet and matching them with a volunteer to help with the settlement process;
  • "Know Your Rights Series" - creating learning and conversation workshops and opportunities on a variety of topics, including higher education, rights in the workplace, gender equality, access to education, healthcare, child care, and subsidized housing.


​International Communities 

​​Our focus is on serving female immigrants, first-time moms and single mothers,  regardless of legal status, within Maine. 

Unfortunately, at this time we do not offer English as a Second Language (ESL) classes.  Instead, we encourage female immigrants, who participate in our programs and do not share the same native language, to converse in English.  This helps to stimulate the use of English to communicate, while making it less intimidating.  The English language component will be gradually incorporated in all projects and activities in an innovative and effective way.

​Cross-Community Organization

We work with female immigrants coming from all national, ethnic, and religious backgrounds.  Our goal is to get connected with cross-community projects and activities to help reduce inter-group prejudice between communities within Maine and promote positive and caring relations.